Feels Good at 107

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If you talk to Bobbie West, she’ll tell you she feels good at 107 years old! Her vision is poor, and she doesn’t always hear so great, but she doesn’t let that stop her. Her mind is as sharp as ever, and as her daughter will tell you, Bobbie is as feisty and confident today as she ever was.

Bobbie was always active, this mother of 4 attended the University of Rochester and Cambridge University in England before beginning her careers in journalism, radio, TV, advertising, and public relations.

Keeping Busy

She still keeps a full calendar today, taking full advantage of her skills and passions. Bobbie interviews residents for her community newsletter, is an avid reader – despite her sight issues, and is always working on a list of goals to achieve. But perhaps most of all she loves to sing at events with family and friends. And her social calendar is busier than most.

While Bobbie dabbled in many sports during her life, as she’s aged, she’s focused on hitting the pool. Bobbie says that her time in the water gives her vigor. In fact, she spends so much time in the pool that her community swimming pool was just named after her!

Staying Young

When asked on her birthday what her secret to such a long and healthy life was, Bobbie replied that it was “being young at heart.” When pressed, she advised to stay busy, stay moving. At 107, who can argue with her.

The fact is, however, she’s right. All the exercise she’s getting in and out of the pool is keeping her young! It turns out that exercise turns off the aging process in our chromosomes. Young cells will keep you young!

Also, by spending so much time in the pool, with friends, and doing things she loves, Bobbie has made herself a least vulnerable person!

While she isn’t wasting a moment resting on her laurels, the fact is Bobbie has had quite the history. One story in particular that people love to hear her tell is the time she crossed paths with Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini. Keep reading…

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